The biggest Surprise: 2023 Financial Times MBA ranking

Financial times MBA ranking is one of the most famous MBA rankings for candidates. However, in this year, there is a big change compared with last a couple of year.

2023 Financial times link is as follows.

Looking at this ranking first time, maybe you cannot recognize what is such surprising change. However, you are familiar with this ranking, you will be able to find quickly.

Yes, Wharton is out of ranking. Wharton is one of the most well-known MBA schools not only at US. but also, all over the world.

When I looked at the ranking, I thought that something went wrong and searched for the reason. I found out the site which explains this situation and picked up the site as well. In conclusion, Financial times could not collect necessary sample from graduates.

In detail, the evaluatin from graduates also reflects the ranking. In other words, if Financial times cannot collect nesessary sample, the school will be out of ranking. Actually, in my case, I was also asked to fill in the questionaire about Oxford EMBA and submitted it.

Looking at other schools in ranking, SDA Bocconi School of Management is conspicous. SDA is third place in the EU region, whihc means that it overcame Cambridge, HEC, and LBS.

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