New trend ? European EMBA is rising dramatically – 2023 EMBA ranking

2023 EMBA ranking is released from Financial Times. The ranking is quite surprising for me and will explain in this blog.

Firstly, following is the link of Financial Times.
EMBA 2023 – Business school rankings from the Financial Times –

In summary, No1 and 2 is the same as previous year and European EMBA school is rising 2023 ranking.

Especially, University of Oxford: Saïd and jump up from 15th to 5th and in details, “achievement” 1st and “student satisfaction” 2nd. In addition, other European buisiness school IE and LBS are also within top 10.

Regarding EMBA ranking, it depends on the answer from graduates, so also need to look at several year’s trend as well. Following is the list based on FT ranking and above three schools are jump up even compared with three-year avg. So, will also look at 2024 and judge whether this is the temporary trends or not.

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